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The proposed edition, implemented by the company Shkolakola as part of a comprehensive multimedia project, represents the great work of Alexander Pushkin in a completely new quality. You can not only read about the unique world of the fairy tale, in which there are also a talking magic mirror, and seven brothers hero, and the Sun, Moon and Wind, helping the prince Elisha, but also look in the cartoon, and also play in the virtual world of Minecraft, in which you can repeat the path of the protagonist, meet with the Tsar, the Princess and other heroes of the fairy tale, help Elisha find and wake the Tsarina from a sleepless sleep. The book is illustrated with remarkable photos from the eponymous cartoon and the game, made in the style of the popular mong children Minecraft game. Each book is equipped with a unique promo code that provides access to the virtual world through a fairy tale in the game Minecraft

The Minecraft virtual world of Shkolakola was created to facilitate education and communication of kids between the ages of 7 and 13.

The multidiscipline educational component has been seamlessly integrated into the gaming models of communication and discovery already familiar to and appreciated by kids.




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