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    Skolakola The Tale About The Dead Princess and The Seven Knights
    Now in Minecraft!
    Play with the heroes of the famous fairy tale
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What is Skolakola

Virtual World

Interactive form of training
For education and communication

An exciting game

Lots of interesting missions
Variety of heroes and game locations

Based on Minecraft

The most popular with children game
More than 150 millions players
Known worldwide

New knowledge

Multidisciplinary approach
Tasks on school subjects
Thematic communication groups

Various Activities

Quests and mini games
Quizzes and Olympiads
Solitary games and team games


An opportunity to control results
Progress in learning
Study playing


My sons really like the game. I was astonished when boys had read the poem from cover to cover just to understand how to go through with the game…

Alexey Nezhurin

father of two kids aged 10 and 11 years

The educational format suits perfectly to the needs of the modern children to the information perception, based on images. Still it saves the important and meaningful content, which introduces them to the priceless cultural heritage of the world.

Guli Bazarova

Director of the Institute of practical psychology, HSE

Skolakola realized a difficult task: created a game based on Minecraft, which can be really helpful for kids.

Andrew Shurayev

father of two kids aged 12 and 24 years

For Parents

  • We offer fascinating games with captivating plot, which helps gain new knowledge on school subjects’ program.
  • Involved in a game, a child study Mathematics, Russian, English, Literature, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Logic.
  • You will always have an opportunity to control child’s results.
  • It is real to study through games!
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For Educators

  • Modern kids live and grow in a brand-new rapidly developing world
  • New technologies appear, interests change and the computer games issue cannot be thrown out any longer.
  • Why shouldn’t we use child’s interest and propose him useful educational games?
  • Try new teaching formats: from the home assignments in form of game to the cooperation classes in the virtual world of Minecraft.
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Skolakola Facts

We made an exciting game with lots of characters and tasks

Game hours

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The Minecraft virtual world of Shkolakola was created to facilitate education and communication of kids between the ages of 7 and 13.

The multidiscipline educational component has been seamlessly integrated into the gaming models of communication and discovery already familiar to and appreciated by kids.




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